Next Coming To The Stage…

This past Wednesday I spent four glorious minutes on stage doing stand- up! I know right! For the past year or so a friend has been trying to persuade me to do stand-up.  I didn’t know where to start. I love comedy and comedians but I didn’t want to take on someone persona. There are different types of comedy and everyone has a different approach to comedy and you have to find your own rhythm. She signed me up on a Thursday… I was told Saturday that I’d have to “perform” the following Wednesday. So, I had a couple days to come up with material. I was intimated by the idea of standing up and trying to make people laugh. I think that I’m A LOT of FUN but…not stand up comic funny. I’m comfortable with being on stage but, the idea of trying to tell a few jokes on que is something different. Tuesday afternoon I finally jotted down some things I wanted to talk about.

In the beginning of my set you can hear a little tremble in my voice and I forgot some of my notes which was good because it seemed more natural. I find it easy to talk about what you know! I definitely have intentions to do it again. Sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something different. Try something that you’re afraid to do. GO for it!

I loved the experience and I definitely plan to do it again.

If you like to hear it…here it goes!


Until next time…

Do You Romanticize Relationships?

Leave the past in the past…

After a relationship ends and you’ve moved on we sometimes romanticize the relationship, and this is true for both romantic and platonic relationships. We share stories about how great of a relationship we had and we forget the tough times. I’m not saying that you should be miserable and unforgiving but, what I am saying is appreciate what you’ve learned from the relationship and move on.  There’s a reason you’re no longer in the relationship. Don’t linger on to the “good ole days” accept what the truth really is and, walk in your purpose. When we reminisce we sometimes forget the bad times and wonder if we should go back. Not all relationships are meant to be permanent. Not all relationship break off because of a huge fallout and or abuse.  It can be as simple as a lack of support.

Friend or faux

I remember going through what I like to call a pre-mid life crisis (honestly it was more serious than that but, I’ll share that with you another time) and, there were people there for me. They didn’t know or really understand what was happening but, they made themselves available and sometimes that’s all you need. Then there were people who didn’t have time because they were dealing with their own issues and couldn’t be as available and that’s ok I’m a reasonable person.  There were also people who didn’t really care and some of those relationship ended over time.

See you at the top

I say this humbly, I am THANKFUL for the people who are no longer in my life and I wish them well.  It’s not a negative thing those relationships were exhausting.  You have to be careful what relationship you invest in and understand the role each person plays in your journey.  Don’t get me wrong there are people who are no longer in my life that I’ve been close to over the years but we either loss touch or just moved in different directions. That’s ok because any of those people I welcome into my life any day. I know that I haven’t always been the friend I needed to be and to those people I say I’m sorry!

Until next time…