African Immigrants Perception Of African Americans

Relationships can be so complex. We communicate differently, and don’t always understand one another.  We’re all different.  A lot of our differences has to do with our cultures, beliefs and ancestry. America is one big melting pot and immigration has always been a hot topic. Recently there has been a lot of talk about immigrants and deportation, from President Trump. Immigrants come to America to take part in what we sometimes take for granted, the American dream. As Americans we’re quick to give our opinion on immigration, and we forget to consider how immigrants view Americans.  I’ve always wondered what African immigrants think of African-Americans. Seven years ago, I interviewed Mohammad, an African immigrant from Ethiopia, and had a chance to get his view.

The interview takes place in his convenience store.  He is a graduate of Roosevelt High School, and moved to the states between the ages of twelve and fourteen.



We All Play A Part In Sexual Abuse

Sex is good sex is a blessing, sex is for procreation. Sex is a gift from God. Sex shouldn’t be used to control and overpower someone. It should be consensual.  It’s hard to ignore all the recent sexual allegations in Hollywood and politics. I’m not surprised at all by the accusations. I’ve heard rumors for years about sexual deviants within both industries. Our 42nd President Bill Clinton was accused of making sexual advancements with women who worked for him. Several women came forward  throughout Clinton’s career. One of the most memorable victims was Monica Lewinsky  their scandalous relationship occurred while Clinton was holding office in “The People’s House”. Bill Clinton was later impeachedhed, for multiple charges which included the Lewinnsky scandal.

I remember people (men) joking about how being president of the United States qualifies you to be able to receive fellatio from Monica Leweinsky or any other women of their choosing.  


Monica Lewinsky


Judge Clarence Thomas scandal with Anita Hill also made headline news. In  Junior High we discussed the case and charges. I didn’t understand sexual harassment in the workplace. I understood sexual abuse and her coming forward exposed a very dark reality for many women in the work place.

Bill Cosby “Americas Dad” was alleged to have drugged and sexual assaulted dozens of women. In 2005 he admitted to drugging them with quaalludes in order to have sex. His brand has been tarnished but more importantly I hope his victim’s feelings have been reconciled.

Fast forward to 2016 a recording from several years back was leaked during the presidential campaign. It involved our current President Donald Trump casualing explaining to Billy Bush a Entertainment Reporter how he sexual assaults women and that they allow it because he’s a celebrity. Not too much in the past few thousand years. It’s 2017 and men feel like the have the right to dominate women in that way. Fortunatley,it’s more socially acceptable for the victims to speak out and  there are more platforms that allow both men and women to have a voice and hopefully invoke change.  When I first heard of the Weinstein scandal all I could think about is why didn’t they speak?

These predators are like having a pervy uncle in the family and everyone knows it. There have been rumors in the family for years about his sexual perversion, and yet he keeps being invited to family gathers and your told to avoid him. Everyone turns their head and pretend to not notice his behavior. How do you think that makes the victim feel? They remain silent!


Terry Crews recently filled a suit against his alleged accuser, Adam Vinet.

I think a lot of  the victims fear becoming blacked balled or shrug it off as not a big deal. Look at Monica Lynskey her career ended before it really had a chance to began. No one has the right to sexually over power you! You should NEVER get used to this type of behavior this is not the role we have to play! The entertainment and political culture is dominated by predators who have power and a position of influence. I understand their fear not to come forward, but it gives the accurses more power to assault others because they think that their getting away with it. It is never too late to speak out against any type of abuse. It’s bigger than your career and remaining a starlet in Hollywood. We all have a responsibility to speak up and to be part of the solution if we want to see change. I think the #metoo campaign has helped a lot of people in and out of Hollywood to share their experiences and make a difference.

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The Struggle Is Real

I didn’t grow up in church. My mother taught me the Lord’s prayer and referred to GOD as “the man upstairs”! When I was younger I always had a sense of God’s presence, especially, when I was alone. I ‘d talk with God and I felt a sense of peace. My mother didn’t allow you to ask “why”. Why do I have to go? Why do I have to do this or do that? I’d ask anyway and she ‘d say “because I said so” and that would be the end of that. We were Christians and there were no other options.  Over the years I’d meet people who shared their Christian faith.

Freshman Year

During my freshman year of college, I had a roommate that really took the time to answer my “why” questions about God.  She held bible study in our campus apartment. I was usually up drinking all night and would wake up in the evening while she was having bible study. She’d teach her lessons and I’d listen while I was preparing to go out to another night of drinking!  Most of the members of her bible study were shocked that she even knew me. We were so opposite, and they all knew about my shenanigans!  She was young and on fire for God, she’d sit down with me and share the gospel whether I welcomed it or not. She answered most question I had about salvation, but after she’d answer one I had another. My mother planted the seed and watered it! This was part of my journey on my road to redemption.  I attended church with her but that was about it I didn’t accept Jesus as my savior right away…I had more questions! However, over time I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, attended church, shared my faith etc., etc.!


A few years ago, I self-published a book “Your 14 Day Journal to Personal Freedom”.  This book is intended for women who lost their way and or need to reconnect with God. Now, here I am 37 and I’m one of “the women”. In the words of Alanis Morrissette (f.y.i she played God in the movie Dogma) … isn’t that ironic? The struggle is real!  I feel that young girl again, anxious, curious and wanting to know more, now my questions are more complex. I will continue to do what I’ve always known to do…sit alone and talk with God. My journey continues, and I know that this is part of my purpose.

If there is something in your life that you want to end…end it and move on and if there is something that you want to begin now is the time to do so.


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