Who Asked For Your Opinion?


How far is too far? How do you know when to give you opinion? Now, I know that I ALWAYS have an opinion about everything well at least for the most part.  I try to keep my objections of other people’s opinions to myself and  focus on what I agree with. However, I have certain trigger topics like race relations, discrimination, sexism etc. that I always feel the need to address. I don’t know how to turn it off.  Topics like “who wore it best” isn’t of great importance to me.  So, my response if any is limited. 85% of the time I tend to water down my opinion.   If everyone gave 100% of their opinion we wouldn’t have anyone in our lives. Besides, who really cares what I don’t like. If you specifically ask me “what’s your opinion” I’ll give you an honest answer.   I guess the fact that I say, “I keep it real” is limited to my life and not others.

Some people are very sensitive and or insecure and they’ll sort of shut down and stop communicating if your opinion is contrary to what the believe to be truth. I’m a confident person but if your opinion touches on something I’m insecure about…I’ll withdraw a little a bit to allow myself time to process the comment. If I’m extremely confident about a skill that I have and someone negatively critiques it.  It’ll make me feel a certain way but I’ll bounce back.


Parents have no boundaries they will voluntarily give an opinion about every area of your life. There is nothing off limits! Nothing! As soon as you get over one objection they will have another and the process continues and you can’t do anything about it! Nothing!  I’ve tried it all! What about siblings and extended family members should we extend the same grace?  What if your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncle etc. feel as though they can give their perspective on your life choices…  should you tell them to butt out! It depends on the mood I’m in!  It’s hard say when it’s family! I don’t have an official answer to explain how to best give your opinion. Evaluate how you approach others in regards to your opinion.

Until next time…

My Sixty Second Encounter

I’ve had moments where I’ve tapped out and I’m standing over myself and I’m observing the relationships around me, my finances, my job, the amount of weight I’ve gained.  It only last for about sixty seconds but sixty seconds is a long enough to see all the mistakes you’ve made. It’s really a strange thing to try to explain.  After these “encounters” with myself I always get really excited about changing my life and getting back to doing things I used to enjoy before I was boggled down with all my responsibilities.

A few months ago, I decided no more playing it safe and I reenrolled in school. Going back to school wasn’t the challenge. It was returning to my initial major Mass Communications. I was reluctant because I felt like I’m too old to try to start again! I figured I’d try somethings on my own without having to attend class and be responsible for assignments. Besides I’m way too busy with work, parenting, entrepreneurship etc. and the thought of adding something new was overwhelming.  But sometimes you must go back to the basics… go back to doing the things you love to reconnect with your purpose.

I had this blog and I had neglected it for a long time. I really wanted to use it to hopefully encourage people but I left it abandoned and almost forgotten about. I eventually decided to return to school for Mass Communications and I enrolled in Convergence Media which is basically a Multimedia/Digital Story Telling class and the first thing we were required to do is open a Word Press blog. Eureka!

This is what I wanted right?! I was responsible for posting a new blog each week. Which was good because It was making me discipline however, it was challenging at times to keep up the weekly posts. Yes, I was one of the oldest people in the class and there were times I had to ask the same questions 3 or 4 times to make sure I understood. Now that class has ended I will continue with my weekly blog post and I will be taking more Mass Communication courses. So, my words of wisdom are…stay the course and go back to the basics.

Until next time…

What’sThe Obession All About?

There’s so much obsession about weight loss and body image. Everyone wants to lose weight now and most women will go to any lengths to shed the pounds even if risks harming themselves.  The media bombards us with imagery that we can never obtain because it’s not even real! Those images have been altered in some way to keep you always wanting more! We’re always trying to reinvent ourselves, we pluck, we wax, we stretch, the list goes on and on!  If you really want to change how you look start with diet and exercise. There aren’t any short cuts to healthy living. You just work at it every day and if you have a bad day…start again and again until you’ve conquered it.

There are just as many men overweight as there are women. The thing is society doesn’t put as much pressure on men to shed the pounds.  A man can grow out his beard, wears a nice suit and that will mask how society views his obesity. I’m not saying that men don’t struggle with body image because I know that that they do, however, how often do you see beauty ads for men in comparison to women?!

Obesity is a problem in the US for men and women and children.  If you’re like me and you don’t like working out for hours in a gym try going for a run or walk. I’m really trying to put an effort into being more active but I learned that what you eat can be more effective than hitting up the gym a few times a week. 

I’m guilty of over indulging in sweets and spending more time applying makeup and styling my hair than working out! To be honest, I don’t work out at all, but again I do enjoy a nice stroll! So… as I start my new weight loss journey. I have committed myself to changing up my diet, less sugars, more water, you know, the basics. I have a created a fun visualization on obesity and healthy eating using Pikotchart.